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CW: Transfeindlichkeit, Fragilität

Photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash (Besser als ein Bild von der Imlau als Thumbnail)

*** Update unten angefügt ***

Unter meinen Tweets, dazu wie das Gendern von Kindern vor dem Zeitpunkt ihrer Selbstbestimmung negativ auswirkt und als Praxis ohne Frage transfeindlich ist, haben sich nun Eltern eingefunden, die gerne über ihre Perspektive sprechen möchten.
Statt darauf im Einzelnen einzugehen möchte ich lieber über diese Art Reaktion reden, und wieso sie Teil des Problems sind.

Die Tweets

Share des original Tweets, unter dem sich alles gespielt hat

Ganz nach vorne ins Rampenlicht geschubst hat sich dabei die bekannte Erziehungsbuchautorin Nora Imlau (@planet_eltern), die dem Drang nicht widerstehen konnte sich zu melden und uns mitzuteilen…

Image of some cookies really badly edited with brown spray over them, creating a visual analogy to shit frosting both by implying literal shit frosting on the cookies as also by implementing the metaphor through intentionally (I swear) bad editing to make it aesthetically offensive

It’s A Metaphor

Them: “I made you cookies, I’m sure you will like them!”
Me: “Oh thank … wait, what is that on the cookies?”
Them: “What do you mean?”
Me: “There’s brown frosting on them and it stinks…”
Them: “What? I made you cookies!”
Me: “… is that frosting… shit?”
Them: “What are you on about?”
Me: “You’re offering me cookies with shit frosting and then you expect me to like them?”
Them: “You’re ungrateful. That’s not shit in the frosting, and even if it was, it’s just the frosting, the cookies are fine and I really thought you’d appreciate me baking you cookies.”
Me: “I really do like cookies…

CW: Victim erasure, murder, suicide mention

Time’s up.


One very common narrative you’ll be happening upon when discussing oppressed people and how to achieve their liberation is that “it takes time” for things to improve in some way. They say it takes time for society to become more tolerant, it takes time for bigoted people to unlearn, it takes time for people to get used to treating certain people like actual humans, etc.

And if you’re in any way privileged over the oppressed people in the respective conversation, especially if you consider yourself “progressive” and/or “liberal”, this probably seems to make a…

CW: Discussion of oppression, ableism, misogyny, racism, police violence

Photo by Aztreyx Chávez on Unsplash

While it might not be obvious in the way we’re taught about oppression, as far as we’re taught about oppression at all, but all forms of oppression share certain dynamics. That’s not saying that all oppression is equal or that you can compare oppression. It doesn’t mean that being oppressed in one or multiple ways makes you an expert in forms of oppression that you are not affected by. It also does not mean that you cannot be oppressor and oppressed on different oppressive axes at the same time. Nor does…

CW: Transantagonism, Binarism, Racism, Violence, Suicide, Surgery, Truscum, etc

Trans and polynary (non-binary) people are not a new phenomena, we’re not strange, we’re not deviants, we’re not a product of “western decadence” and we’re not disordered. This is actually news to many people, especially within the “western world”. And yet almost every society touched by eurocentrism has laws, systems and whole institutions in place to subject us to a unique inhumane treatment which holds our humanity hostage lest we submit fully to seeing ourselves as defective, ill and disordered.

If someone offers you a transmedicalism, just say no. [Image Descripton: A transmedicalist flag (light blue and pink with a white cross in the middle) overlaid with a “no symbol” overlayed]

How We Got Here

Different societies of different people in different times and different places…

CW: Transmisogyny, transantagonism, misogyny, mention of abuse and murder, genitals, etc

If the shoe fits.

*** Update: I trimmed this piece by about 30% and removed some parts that deserve to be unpacked in their own space. So please don’t feel gaslit if you are missing a certain passage or phrasing that was present in the previous version. ***


Transmisogyny is a term coined by Julia Serano in her book Whipping Girl. If you’re not steeped in queer theory and discourse, you might have never heard that term. Even those that heard and do use that term often misunderstand it as a mix of…

Inspired by an exchange with my mother where she criticized me for behaviors she had taught me by example. When I told her that I learnt it from her, she laughed and said that she had left this behind, and I should too.

I wonder what my therapist would have to say about my choice of image.

The Romanticism

It’s probably a result of an acquired cynicism, but the idea of childhood as this magical and protected time of pure innocence has never sat right with me. It always struck me as either very privileged or very delusional, more often rooted in distorted memories and selective — maybe even protective — amnesia than anything resembling facts…

Detail from the painting “Priestess Of Delphi” (John Collier, 1891)

This is an “I told you so”…

.. but not a gloating one that revels in the fact that I knew what was coming. This is a tearful, devastated and desperate “I told you so”, one in pain about all the foreseeable and preventable, unnecessary suffering that unfolds now. It’s not even my “I told you so” specifically, as most of what I say is echoing people more marginalized, more affected and more desperate than me, to whom I listened, who had the grace to teach me, and whom we should have listened and should listen to in the first place. The “We” I’ll be talking as…

CW: Cissexism, Binarism, Biological Essentialism, Colonialism, Sexual Abuse, Murder, Slavery

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash (I just needed some hi-res picture for the preview)

Here are some articles of mine that explain or give context to some of the concepts and ideas that are referenced in this piece, though it shouldn’t matter in which order you read them, if you’re not familiar with the concepts already.

Foregone Conclusions

The oppression of trans people, but also a big part of the oppression of cis women and colonized people and their descendants, is based on the concept of “biological sex”. It’s first and foremost the idea that there is some biological truth to our bodies that translate into…

Cat Harsis

Just a polynary person (they/them) trying to make sense of the world and share their insights. @ purecatharsis on Facebook/Instagram, @puRRcatharsis on twitter

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